Corporate Business Video/Films

Filmmaking is our passion and it shows in our business productions

Business video productions are usually promotional, sales, marketing, training, safety, and corporate information for the public, workforce or shareholders. It includes also highlighting an organisation's product, service, expertise, facilities, corporate philosophy, and direction or creating training and motivation packages for groups or individuals as well as recording conferences and seminars for promotional, research, education, and archival purposes. 7 and 20 Seconds Productions can also shoot and edit corporate or industrial critical events, creating short and succinct advertising material for television and cinema commercials. Look at our special package called the "CEO Shoot".

We use our filmmaking experience to produce beautiful and right-to-the-point corporate work such as:

Company documentaries (overviews and histories)
Customer success stories/testimonial Videos
Video news releases treated as a documentary
Video Corporate Tours and Plant Tours
Video Product Presentations and Video Brochures
New employee orientation Videos
Professional Corporate Training Videos
Sales and marketing HD videos
Commercial spots and infomercials
Professional Community Public Relations Videos
Trade shows and Special Corporate Events Videos

7 (and 20 seconds) key benefits for you!

1. Track Record - A proven track record in all areas of production.
2. Creativity - A unique approach is taken for every job while maintaining a business focus. Not art for arts sake.
3. Cost - We make some of the most cost effective productions for our clients. All projects are kept to budget and should there be additional work requested, the client is kept fully informed before any additional expenditure is incurred.
4. Confidentiality - Absolute client confidentiality is guaranteed as we appreciate the nature of being able to work on sensitive projects that have a high level of company security attached.
5. Technical knowledge - An in-depth knowledge of key systems and platforms. This ensures the best performance from every application.
6. Delivery - On budget and on time, delivery absolutely guaranteed.
7. Full in-house facility - Using the latest hardware and the very best in software technology, giving full creative capabilities through every stage of the creation process.

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