About us

We write, direct, edit and produce films to tell great and moving stories exploring the mysteries of actual people in actual situations.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions is a US based production company producing films, television programs, television commercials, and business communication. We develop and produce our own productions as well as offer services to other producers and companies. Although projects take us around the world, our headquarters are located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. In partnership with SMS Productions, we are dedicated to supporting independent filmmaking. To that end, we are getting and providing continuous learning resources for both novice and experienced filmmakers.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, 7 and 20 Seconds Productions is a dynamic film, video and digital media production and distribution company. To maintain its cutting edge reputation 7 and 20 Seconds Productions continues to develop and finance in-house products that stretch the technological and creative boundaries.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions' corporate philosophy incorporates environmental and humanitarian concerns together with a commitment to quality and integrity.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions takes a collaborative approach to all its projects.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions has a strong history of being able to bring together the right skills and people required to produce creative, innovative, and highly polished end product.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions develops and produces film, videos, and digital productions for theatrical release, broadcast and non broadcast distribution.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions can also shoot and edit corporate or industrial critical events, creating short and succinct advertising material for television and cinema commercials.

7 and 20 Seconds Productions crew in action!

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