The CEO Shoot

Filmmaking is our passion and it shows in our business productions

You’re a Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations Professional and your busy CEO needs to make an important announcement. Whether your requirement is for a one time briefing to shareholders, or part of a series of strategy briefings to management, we can help you to create a crisp, beautiful and right-to-the-point communication piece.

Your two highest priorities are:

1 – Minimal demand on your busy CEO’s time, usually one hour or less, and possibly no more than 4 hours for an outside location.
2 – Your CEO is happy with the finished result, in particular with the way they’re portrayed.

We understand these concerns and have designed our CEO Shoot package around these parameters.

The standard CEO Shoot package includes:

• Script development and shoot planning assistance
• Top HD camera with professional lens, and special lighting for the perfect shot
• A Director and a small crew, with cool behavior, minimizing any pressure or nervousness
• A Teleprompter, with the flexibility to revise scripts at the last minute
• Green Screen for later dubbing over a company-branded background or other relevant scene

A Green Screen shoot gives the flexibility to shoot in any ordinary office location, which in turn eliminates the need and the expense of providing an studio set. This greatly reduces the demands on the CEO's valuable time, and significantly reduces setup costs. We do colour matching between skin, tie, suit and background. Colour Matching combines the subject and the background into a single visual unity, without any artificial appearance. It creates a more powerful prestigious look.

• Existing video footage or stills can be inserted over parts of the presentation if required.
• Delivery on DVD, Tape or web stream

In short, we can project your CEO as an innovative international leader. We can also provide an alternative to this package to assist you in different context such as speaking at a conference venue, or perhaps a more elaborate studio setting with set design and steadicam.

7 (and 20 seconds) key benefits for you!

1. Track Record - A proven track record in all areas of production.
2. Creativity - A unique approach is taken for every job while maintaining a business focus. Not art for arts sake.
3. Cost - We make some of the most cost effective productions for our clients. All projects are kept to budget and should there be additional work requested, the client is kept fully informed before any additional expenditure is incurred.
4. Confidentiality - Absolute client confidentiality is guaranteed as we appreciate the nature of being able to work on sensitive projects that have a high level of company security attached.
5. Technical knowledge - An in-depth knowledge of key systems and platforms. This ensures the best performance from every application.
6. Delivery - On budget and on time, delivery absolutely guaranteed.
7. Full in-house facility - Using the latest hardware and the very best in software technology, giving full creative capabilities through every stage of the creation process.

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